Our comprehensive Email Healthcheck assesses your email campaign in 4 Dimensions – We look at your HTML and go beyond to assess content, deliverability, readability and benchmarking vs your industry. We’ll give you tips that can improve your readership and engagement. With over 17 years email marketing experience, we’ll give you expert advice at a fantastic price…


The difference with our Email Healthcheck is that we not only use the latest software to check your HTML for potential coding errors, we also cast our expert eye over your template design and layout and provide feedback from a customer experience point of view. You’ll receive 12-15 pages full of useful and custom information about your email campaign with tips and advice from our experts.


We know you care about your communications and that’s why we want to help you to understand why there might be issues and how we can help to solve them. Our analysis looks at your HTML code to look for obvious and fixable coding errors, we look at links, CSS, tables, tags and much more. We then go beyond and look at your campaign metrics, IP reputation, DKIM and SPF to see how your email measures up. We’ve seen client templates that need re-coding and we’ve been able to fix them. We’ve also picked up simple coding errors which our clients have fixed in minutes.


The Email Healthcheck is one of the most fundamental and low-cost things you can do to improve your campaigns. We aim to help improve engagement but when people click through, does your landing page meet up to customer expectations? We take a deep dive for you so you can make holistic campaign improvements. If you’re seeing low engagement, poor delivery or just think you need advice – our Email Healthcheck is just $149 for a limited time…

4D EMAIL HEALTHCHECK – $399.99 ex gst

No payment is taken at this stage, once we receive your order enquiry, we’ll get in touch within 24 hours with information required to complete your Healthcheck.

Got questions? get in touch today to find out more information about our Email Healthcheck and other services for small to medium enterprise businesses.